With the focus on providing world class, quality products, Universal Motion Inc. (UMI) have supplied many of machines Globally (to MIDDLE EAST, U.K., ITALY, SPAIN, NETHERLANDS, SWEDEN, FAR EAST, U.S.A., MEXICO and BRAZIL). Now we are introducing our products, technology and updated quality to satisfy the world market at very competitive prices and services. Our experienced team, made up of specialized professionals, is always looking for new ways to better meet the demands of the Domestic and Overseas Markets. The company offers exclusive machines the mechanical test field, which are essential for quality control, product and material development and research in industries, technical educational institutions, research institutes and mechanical test laboratories. Much more than just selling the equipment, we desire to meet the needs of its customers. With this sole purpose in mind, we do our best to understand the challenges and provide best appropriate solution. Our technical team is highly concerned about the equipment application, norms and procedures to be followed, types of tests, operation of machine etc. in order to guarantee your satisfaction with equipment and services.

  • A"Wing, Office No. 208, R Cube, Atul Nagar Corner, S.NO. 116/5/1, Warje Highway.-411052
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